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TC Moore is an Oakland, CA-based self-taught artist and musician. He was born in Alabama, raised in the Midwest, and has lived in Oakland/SF since 2007. Moore's work explores recurring themes of identity and existentialism that are present in our existence. Their work combines disparate elements to create a harmonious whole.  Moore weaves color, distorted figures, landscapes, and abstract forms together to create a visual language that speaks directly to the subconscious. There is often an intentional ambiguity in the work which invites viewers to interpret the art through their own unique lens, creating a deeply personal connection with each piece. 

His artistic process involves collecting images from his life both photographic and remembered, researching and experimenting with various mediums, such as acrylics, pastels, spray paint, oil pen, Akua Ink, and technique. Often on Canvas, paper, or gel transfer.

For Pricing/Availability Contact: TCMooreArt@gmail.com  


“Good Hair” Vin En Noir (Napa) - Solo Show - April -June 2024 

“Mood” - Town Bar and Lunge (Oakland) - Solo Show - December 2023 -April 2024 

“Were Never Open” One and Done Gallery (SF) 1st Thursday Group Show - Dec. 7th 2023

“Friends Giving” - Group Show - Discovery Meadows San Jose - Nov 18th 2023

“Dissonance in the Fog” - Group Show 939 Post St SF - Sept 7th -October 7th 

“Change in Color” Make Westing Oakland - Group Show (TC Curator) - Sept. 1-Oct. 1, 2023

Kilovolt Coffee- Solo Show Aug-Sept 2023

Burnt Oak Gallery - Group Show Aug 12th-Sept 12 2023

"Comfortably Numb" - UMA Gallery (Oakland) - Group Show - June-July 2023

 "Made in California" Brea Gallery (Brea, CA) - Group Show April-June 2023

Burnt Oak Gallery (Oakland) - Solo Exhibition Jan. 2023

111 Minna - ArtSpan Group Show February-May - 2023

Kilovolt Coffee (Oakland Solo Exhibition )- Oct-Nov.2022 

Contact: TcMooreArt@gmail.com

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